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Bitumen Uses

Bitumen Uses

Bitumen Uses in Different Industries

Bitumen uses although the manufactured bitumen are of high quality today But the basics of their uses are as in the past and essentially like sealing, adhesion and protective coatings Today, Bitumen uses are more than 250 different use such as use in Agriculture, Construction, Industry, Road Construction and much more are considered. In this section, we will explain bitumen uses for different uses.

In this section, we explain bitumen different uses.

The major bitumen produced that is producing in the world and known as bitumen is used in road construction. In road construction, bitumen is used as a bonding agent for asphalt, and the use of bitumen in the construction industry is ranked second as insulation.

Estimates show that the annual amount of Egyptian bitumen in the world is about 102 million tons. Of this, about 85 percent of the bitumen is used in the road construction industry, and the 60/70 bitumen is most used. More than 10% of the bitumen produced in the world is used in the building industry and as insulation. And seagulls are used as sealing, insulating, pipe coating, etc.

Below are the uses of bitumen examined

1- Types of Bitumen Uses:

First type would be in different conditions of Road and Asphalt as Below:

1) Surface coating

2) Intruding Macadam

3) Cold machine mixes

4) Suspended seals

5) Surface lining

6) Lining reinforcement

7) Consolidation of soil-in-situ

8) Dust Controlling

9) Airports Asphalt

10) Road paving

Second Type of Bitumen uses would be as below

1- Oil mulch

2- Bituminous applications as bitumen coatings for protecting internal and external surfaces of sewage concrete pipes

3- The use of high-quality polymer-based moisture insulators

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