about1Rulexx Lubricants And Grease Industries L.L.C. with its Brand Name Rulexx Plus was established in the year 2004.The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion. The Plant has the capacity of 50,000 M/T per annum for blending and filling of lubricants and 3,000 M/T & 1000 MT per annum of Lithium & calcium based Greases respectively and is located in Aljurf Industrial area- Ajman UAE.Lubricants testing laboratory is fully equipped to test all samples according to international standards. The lubricants are blended using top quality base oils which are API approved and additives from the reputed sources (like Lubrizol, Ethyl/ Afton, Oronite & Infenim) whose chemical are already tested by OEM’s and approved for such applications.
All the products manufactured in the plant are meeting API specifications on quality and have API Certification for the main products.We have approved OEM’s certificates from most of the original engine manufactures like Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Cummins, Cincinnati machines and Nmma for TC-W3.Our Plant is certified for integrated management system – ISO 9001-2008. we also have quality certificates issued through third party inspection agencies like Calibrette, SASO confirming the quality of our products. The quality control is maintained at each stage of production to ensure the end products are meeting the highest international quality requirements.
Our sales and marketing team are looking after the lubricants marketing and after sales services to our customers.Presently, we are marketing our products and exporting them to various countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, Bangla Desh , Kenya, India, Sudan, Burma , Indonesia, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Afghanistan, Tashkent, CIS countries, African countries and all our customers are very much satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of our products. The plant has well experienced operating personnel’ who were in this field for more than 15 years which ensures quality during production.We manufacture all types of lubricants like Automotive Oils, Gear Oils, transmission fluids, Hydraulic Oils, Marine Oils, Turbine Oils, Industrial Lubricants, 2T, 4T and out Board (TCW III) Motor Oils, Auto Coolants, Brake Fluids, Lithium and calcium based Greases etc.We have organized a team to ensure that the customer requirements are fully met in the right time and at right place and at competitive rates. We have the capacity and capability to cater for all services required to the customers.
We also carryout third party Blending and filling of products to reputed International Brands – who export these products from our plant to various countries.We procure the requirement of Raw Materials from overseas through Local Agents in UAE for Base Oils and Additives and packaging Materials through local sources/Suppliers. The products blended are filled in 208L drums, 6×4 L cartons (metal & plastic), 6x5L cartons (metal & plastic), 24×1 L cartons (metal & Plastic), and 4X5L cartons (metal & plastic) 12x 1L cartons (Metal & plastic), 20 Lit and 25 Lit pails.The Greases are filled in 180 Kg Drums, 24×1 Kg cartons (metal & plastic) 12x 1 Kg cartons (metal & plastic), 24×1/2 Kg cartons (metal and plastic) 12x ½ Kg cartons (metal & plastic) and 15 Kg pails (metal & plastic).Rulexx Lubricants And Grease Industries L.L.C. has blossomed to a highly specialized, well integrated establishment with a reputation for making and marketing Quality products. Our competent team ensures that a quality product is delivered on time. Rulexx Lubricants And Grease Industries L.L.C. Blending excellence is thus transformed into total reliability for all its customers.